Proper. Luxury Home Management

How does this work?

Proper service starts with a visit from your personal Home Care Manager, who will create a detailed profile of your home and take note of all your specific needs and preferences.

Your Home Care Manager will also conduct a service audit and develop a customized annual Plan of Care for your property which is updated annually. This plan includes the home and property services you have chosen and any special requests you may have. Our proprietary software allows us to keep accurate and up-to-date records of our work inside and outside your home.

It also enables us to provide you with an annual summary of the financial and maintenance history for all the services you have received. Proper will schedule the work outlined in your Plan of Care, and your Home Care Manager will meet with the service provider at your home as needed. We will also oversee projects to ensure they are completed correctly and on time.

Suppose you ever have emergency issues that require immediate attention. As a preferred customer in our network, you will receive prompt attention from the appropriate service

provider. Lastly, we will handle billing for all services our service provider partners perform. You only pay us once a month for all the services received – all of this at competitive prices from the best and fully insured local service providers around.