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Entrepreneurs target $2M+ home services market with new firm

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Franchised-focused founders seek to fill what they believe is a big gap in the luxury home services market. White gloves optional.

Sarasota-based Murray Homes President Steve Murray was contemplating how to grow his luxury homebuilding firm’s connected side business, Murray Premier Services, when he got a cold-call email one day a year ago. A full-service home maintenance company, MPS was designed for waterfront and custom luxury-built homes. It had done well in a niche market. But Murray believed it could be much bigger.

The email sender was Matt DiMauro. A partner with Sarasota-based Praxis S-10, a national consulting group for residential HVAC businesses, DiMauro and his fellow Praxis S-10 executive Terry Nicholson, it turns out, had been researching solutions to Murray’s challenges. Only Murray and DiMauro were total strangers…

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