Proper. Luxury Home Management

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Annual Plan of Care

A properly managed home has a detailed monthly maintenance plan tailored to your home and its features.

Due to our extensive knowledge in preventive maintenance, Proper eliminates most emergency-type occurrences that cause extensive and expensive damage.

With Proper, you can be confident that your home is in good hands.

Routine Inspections

We prevent costly repairs by conducting routine inspections and keeping your home in top shape.

During each inspection, we thoroughly check your property and systems, including security, plumbing, heating and cooling, and appliances.

We also review CCTV/security footage and address any special requests to ensure your home always stays well-maintained and secure.

Private & Vetted Vendor Partners

A Proper partner consistently performs high-quality work and is an expert in their field.

With Proper, we ensure the work is correct every time; if it’s not, we’ll make it right – our guarantee.

Service Management

We schedule and obtain competitive proposals for every service from our network of licensed and insured service provider partners.

After quote approval, we schedule and coordinate all work related to your property.

We ensure our partner has all the access and information they need to complete the requested service(s).

Once complete, we review the completed work to ensure accuracy and quality before paying the service provider.

Whole Home Inspection

All Proper homes undergo a thorough inspection by our team of licensed home inspectors.

We’ll carefully evaluate every aspect of your home, from safety and security to maintenance and repairs, to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

After the inspection, you will receive a comprehensive executive summary that outlines any work needing to be done, prioritized by category.

Your inspection will cover recommended repairs, maintenance, safety, security, cosmetics, and comfort/luxury enhancements.